Featured Artist: Allison Rohan

Featured Artist: Allison Rohan



Graffiti artist and all around creative visionary, Allison's work is truly exceptional! Allison credits her interest in graffiti lettering to the 1983 documentary "Style Wars". I've been collecting pieces of her work since 2007, the year my son was born.

The first piece was a magnificent wall hanging of the F train, which used to run through our old neighborhood in Brooklyn, with Logan's name painted in shadow letters. Next, I picked up some of her signature rockin' blocks, our set was blue skull and cross mixed with letters that were formed by bones (I chose not to photograph ours, since they had been slobbered all over!) 

                logan f train              graffiti blocks  

  t skateboard deck

Over the years I have owned name plate and Shrinky Dink necklaces, a bob hair Bettie tote, subway map frame, m.j. ring, and many other one of a kind items. The latest custom piece I picked up was some skateboard deck art for my daughter T. Allison does not disappoint.  I was blown away by her creative visualization, when my only request was a skateboard deck and Trinity's name.

So when you get a chance, please do check out this month's featured artist Allison Rohan's store at  https://www.etsy.com/people/beebles



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