Compliments of Fringe

Each appointment includes a brief consultation, a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea, Elemental Nature℠ aromas to enliven the senses, and music…the good kind.

Hair Care

Rocking the perfect look begins with a simple conversation. Come in and discover what we can do together to create your best style and provide superior care for your hair! Think of us as your own personal beauty squad: we’ll assess your beauty goals, current hair and budget needs, and customize an individual plan for you. So come on by for a complimentary consultation and let’s chat!
The right haircut can define your look and boost your confidence. We’ll match you with your best stylist to achieve your dream cut. Our stylists have the scoop on what’s trending and are amazingly skilled in techniques for your individual style and hair type. We’ve been trained by Devachan to dry cut curly hair, and we are masters at precision cutting, razor cutting and barber-style machine cuts. (All clients who wish to have a dry cut should arrive with their hair clean and styled as they would normally wear it.) Bang trims and shape-ups are also available.
Bang Trims
Stop back in between cuts for one complimentary bang trim.

Hair Color

We have a passion for color. No—we live, breathe, love and practice the art of color! Whether you want a subtle change, are going for drama, or you’re in a color quandary, our stylists will help determine what color technique vibes with your life and plays up your features.

Single Process*$58-$75+
This service booking is a touch-up of hair color to new growth. To re-establish hair color on the mid shaft and ends of hair, please add on a color refresh. A blow dry is complimentary and included.

With color refresh ($77-$97+)
Mini Process*$29-$38+
This service booking is a touch-up of hair color to new growth only around the hairline and part line and does not include a blow dry.

Virgin color applications also available and priced upon consultation.
Face framing to full head highlights are applied using a traditional woven or sliced method and a high-low or combination technique depending on the desired effect. Price points vary depending on level of stylist and the amount done.
Balayage and Ombre$144+
Often confused for one another, balayage is, simply put, a highlighting technique that involves a freehand sweeping motion for a natural-looking effect. Ombre is the actual highlight style of transitioning from lighter to darker shades, generally from a deeper root to a more concentrated lighter color on the ends.

Add-on Services

Add-on services do not include a blow dry.

Glossing/Grey Blending$35
If your hair needs a refresh, glossing/grey blending treatments can be transforming! Both services are performed using a demi-permanent color, either using matte and/or high shine, depending on the desired look.
Botanical Therapy Treatment$25
Getting gorgeous hair has so much to do with its roots. This is an intensive repair for hair and scalp—utilizing 12 aroma therapeutic essential oils—to restore, re-energize, balance and add shine to hair. So you can sit back, exhale and let these essential oils do their thang.
Hair Detoxifying Treatment$20
When your locks are begging for some extra TLC, it’s time for this rejuvenating treatment. It’s especially a great service to book at the end of summer to help remove chlorine and other impurities. But please do not book immediately after a color service or any other chemical service you may have had.
Eyebrow Tinting$10
Better your brows with our tinting service. Lighten, brighten or darken the color of your eyebrows.

Special Occasions

Looking to amp up your look for a special event or a night out? Take us with you! Or at least stop by and let us do your ‘do and makeup! Come in and we’ll take you from everyday to extra gorgeous.


Add-on iron styling also available.

*Package pricing also available.